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Leveraging Our Experience to Overcome Your Challenges.

Turning knowledge into impactful results.

The Problem.

Understanding tech team performance is often a challenge due to limited visibility. Data is dispersed across various tools, often of low quality, making it difficult to obtain reliable metrics and insights.


Remote work adds another layer of complexity to assessing team and contributor performance.


On top of that, stakeholders demand clear, easy-to-understand reports, while you're constantly striving to boost team productivity and efficiency.

Version 2.0 is here!

Unlock Your Tech Team's


Kindor provides the tools your team needs to excel. Gain unmatched visibility, insights and metrics to drive engineering success.


Transform Your Tech Team’s Performance.

Leverage Kindor to eliminate inefficiencies, boost visibility, and drive strategic success.

Stop overspending on unchecked team growth looking to speed up development.

With Kindor, know exactly when to push your team, without risking burnout and attrition. Determine the right time to hire, and easily evaluate if it was the right decision.


Avoid struggling to get useful insights from your project management tools.

Kindor will help you get the most out of the tools you are already paying for and get actionable insights that will help you move faster.

Don’t let your tech team’s work go unnoticed.

Technology teams and initiatives don’t need to be a mystery to the rest of the organization. Stop wasting time on report building and effortlessly communicate the impact of your team in clear terms to justify technology investments.


Effortless Alerts & Reports via Slack.

Get automated notifications and reports delivered straight to Slack. Keep your team and stakeholders informed with ease, without switching platforms.

Tools and insights for multiple needs.

Tech Leaders

Save time by getting information from different tools and manual reports, and gain automated insights into organizational performance to pinpoint areas for strategic action.

Business Leaders

Get full visibility into your projects, understand team capacity, and stay informed at all times without hassle, so you can focus on driving strategic initiatives

Engineering Managers

Effortlessly manage your team, provide impactful feedback, and elevate team performance to new heights.

Product Managers

Balance stakeholder expectations and project timelines with ease. Kindor offers full visibility for managing priorities, meeting deadlines, and ensuring product success.

Hear from our tech partners.

Visiblity like never before.

“Kindor has provided us with something we didn’t have, which is the integration of data from different tools, creating analysis, insights, and coaching actions, tracking productivity, performance, and speed metrics like never before.”

Richard Hechenbichler

Technology VP 

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Let our models power your engineering organization.

Securely connect your tools, and let our models transform data into powerful metrics, insights, alerts, and reports—all in one place.


Kindor makes integration and setup effortless, getting your team up and running in no time, no matter the size.

Available integrations

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Get Started with Kindor and Elevate Your Tech Team Today.

Try Kindor with No Commitment and Receive Personalized Advice and Assistance.

  • I get that Kindor is tracking metrics and high level information for our teams. But so what? What is the end goal Kindor is helping us achieve?
    With Kindor, you’ll be able to track your technology organization KPIs and understand where the bottlenecks are that prevent your organization from achieving more with less. On the other hand, you’ll be able to back all your organizational decisions with data, giving clear career paths and goals to your engineers and ensuring you have the right talent for the job.
  • My team has a million tools they are working with already. I don’t want to add more processes or tracking items that they need to deal with.
    Kindor integrates seamlessly with the tools you use on your day to day basis. 90% of our data comes from these tools, you won’t need to worry about adding more complexity to your processes, on the contrary, Kindor will help you to get the best out of the tools you already use.
  • Does this tools will result in more work for my engineering team?
    No, we understand that engineers hate to have another system where they need to input their working hours and other information, that’s why we built Kindor in a way that can give you insights without any input from the engineering team.
  • Is my data secure? I don’t feel comfortable giving you access to my code repositories or collaboration tools.
    We completely understand you, that’s why in Kindor, we only access metadata of your tools. We never access your source code or conversations. All the data is stored in AWS following the best security practices and our developers only access aggregated data, never the raw information. In addition, Kindor fully complies with SOC 2 and ISO 27001 standards.
  • I can build this myself and adapt it to my processes, why would I pay for another tool?
    You are right, and that’s exactly what the founders tried to do in their previous companies, however, this was very time consuming and not core of the company, so they never actually had the time and resources to build it successfully. We understand this is a big pain for technology organizations and a great asset for technology leaders, but building it from the ground up can become very expensive and time consuming, that’s why we built Kindor.
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